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How Sylvia Baldock built her personal brand and found her flow?

January 22,2018

How Sylvia Baldock built her personal brand and found her flow?

Sylvia Baldock was a national sales director for the Athena Network, struggling to make consistent revenues. Since stepping into her flow as a professional speaker, trainer, coach, author and uber networker, and monetizing her Star profile, Sylvia is creating more attraction than ever. 


Sylvia says - 

"I first met Michelle Clarke when I was national sales director for the Athena network - the fastest growing Women’s network in the UK. I was at a conference that Michelle was speaking at and I sat next to her. She told me about Talent Dynamics and when I heard her speak the next day, I was blown away - a month later, several of us from the network trained with Michelle as Talent Dynamics Performance Consultants. By February, I had been accredited to train Flow Consultants and I became a Global Partner with Entrepreneurs Institute.” 


Training Flow Consultants and running Talent Dynamics Business Development workshops for Athena members and local Business owners, led to further workshops in SMEs. Sylvia then decided to add to her expanding toolkit by training in ‘Personal Performance Coaching’ adding credibility and knowledge to better fulfil and monetize her Star Profile. 


“I joined the Professional Speakers Association (PSA) to test out the strengths of my Star profile.
I started to run workshops on how to develop a more powerful presence by reconnecting with who you are at your core and having the courage to let your uniqueness shine through. Personal presence is all about stepping up to be the person you were born to be and living life fully in flow. My own personal presence expanded massively as a result of understanding my talent dynamics profile and engineering my life to iive and work much more in flow. 


As a ‘Star’ profile, I am fully in flow on stage and running workshops. Joining the Professional Speaking Association has brought me some great connections and opportunities to speak and train in a wide variety of organisations, allowing me to live a much more fulfilling life. 


If I ever have any doubts about myself or the work I am doing -I go back to my Talent Dynamics profile and remind myself of the natural gifts I have been given. Also, when I’m on the stage all of my doubts disappear. I’m just so in flow that I'm in ‘overflow’ - it’s like I’m on a different planet, and something greater than me takes over and the words literally ‘flow’ - it feels awesome! 

Consequently I’m getting some really good feedback and I am now teaching other people how to speak with more power, more passion and more presence. 


I’ve been signed by a speaking agent - and I’m contributing to a very exciting book which will have a massive Global Impact. 


So much of my current success has come from stepping into my Star profile and engineering my life so I’m spending 70-80% of my time in flow. 

My plan was always to run Athena groups for 10 years. I have now sold off one of my franchises and I am just running 2 groups/month to dedicate more time to my speaking, training, coaching and writing. 


I am growing the ‘Star profile’ side of my business, with the absolute clarity that that’s where I’m meant to be.
What I’m finding is that because I’m in flow so much and exuding the energy of someone living life on purpose, people are finding me. 


I’m effortlessly growing my business.” 


Building her Personal Brand 


Sylvia really practices what she preaches - 

“It’s about putting this into practice and asking myself - how can I engineer my life so I’m spending at least 80% of my time fully in flow.” 

When you meet her, it’s clear Sylvia absolutely radiates the inspirational energy of someone living in flow. 


“The biggest feedback I get from people is my energy. People say, “I feel so energised by being with you”. That’s a huge part of my brand. 

I’ll get testimonials and emails about leaving people feeling on a different plane. I wear very energising colours. My brand is yellow, red and orange. They're the right colours for my skin tone and make me look full of life. 


Yellow is uplifting and illuminating, red is the colour of energy and passion, orange is the colour of warmth and optimism and is the highest energy colour. 

The other part of Talent Dynamics is really knowing your ‘Why’. I use the Wealth Dynamics Pentagram, created by Roger James Hamilton, to reflect back on my Why and really become grounded in it - it’s defines my purpose.” 


Sylvia still remembers the time before she stepped into her Star profile, and how now everything has changed. Talent Dynamics has literally changed her life and given her a whole new direction and vision for the future. 


“When I first went to The PSA, I visited a local group thinking I was already quite a good speaker. I soon realised that this was a whole new level of speaking and although I felt initially a little daunted, I knew I had to join and develop my ‘Star’ profile further.
Shortly after, I went to PSA London and I found it even more daunting. The level of speaking there was exceptional and made me realise I had so much more to learn. 


Knowing from my profile, that speaking was one of my core strengths, I kept pushing myself out of my comfort zone and have spoken several times on both the local and London PSA stages.
I’m now a very active member, serve on the London PSA committee and I can’t get on that stage enough! 


It’s a bit like going to a gym and exercising a muscle - the more you do it the more confident and comfortable you get. 


I came out of the PSA one Saturday, really fired up and totally in flow driving out of London. I saw a massive billboard on one of the main roads out of London, it had nothing on it. I phoned up the company, and got myself on that billboard, at no cost, for 6 months! I would never have made that phone call had I not been so in flow.” 


How could you push yourself through the fear, to be your best self today?

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