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How Osmaan Sharif helps others find their Entrepreneurial Super Power?

January 17,2018

How Osmaan Sharif helps others find their Entrepreneurial Super Power?

10 years ago, Osmaan Sharif was climbing the corporate ladder, but started to feel like there was a different path ahead for him. Today, he coaches others to become successful Entrepreneurs and lives on purpose. 


How does Osmaan help others find their Entrepreneurial Super Power?


"I was in the corporate world, that was my only plan - I thought it was the only way to have a successful life. 


I worked in Marks & Spencer as a human resource manager and learning development manager.  was used to different  personality tests. What really drove me was getting the best out of people. I was successfully climbing the corporate ladder but I knew something was missing.


The penny dropped for me, when I heard about the Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) course - A toolkit that helps to transform the way people think and act. I decided to use this toolkit to help people become the best version of themselves. 


I decided to start my own business to do this, never thinking that I was an entrepreneur, and that was 10 and a half years ago. 


Looking back, I can see that being a Trader profile, using someone else's  toolkit and product, allowed me to master the steps in courses to help my clients. 


I took something that was already structured and working and created a business around it.”


Next, Osmaan stumbled upon the Wealth Dynamics test, created by Roger James Hamilton - another tool for his toolkit. 


“About 3 years into my business I was travelling up and down the country, delivering practitioner courses. I  realised I was finding some things really easy but other things were much harder for me to do.


I wanted to help people go from having a well paid career to becoming a well paid entrepreneur. 


A friend mentioned the Wealth Dynamics test. I was skeptical at first, after having seen so many personality tests before but I took it and it made really clear to me why some things were so much harder for me than others. It finally made sense of the business world to me”. 


Partnering with Entrepreneurs Institute, and finding a niche


“By some chance, Michelle Clarke, co-creator of Talent Dynamics used to be one of my bosses at M&S. I noticed on Linkedin she had something on Wealth Dynamics on her profile, and when I got in contact with her she was just launching Talent Dynamics for Consultants. 


I was one of the first ever Talent Dynamics Flow Consultants to be trained 7 years ago. 


I also quickly became a Performance Consultant and used the tools and techniques with business owners and the corporate world. 


I was weaving Talent Dynamics into what I was doing, with great success, and after doing some work closely with the Talent Dynamics team, they suggested that I come out to Bali for the Wealth Dynamics Masters with a group of Talent Dynamics consultants back in 2014.


My experience in Bali made me question what I was actually doing and how I could niche my business even more, to work with people who were really successful in the corporate work world, but were struggling to embrace entrepreneurship when they went out on their own. 


I decided to combine Talent Dynamics and the NLP toolkit, which focuses on why your mindsets make a big difference. 


I realised at Masters that I needed to focus and specialise. 


Since then, I've transitioned and the core part of my business has niched down to working with entrepreneurs and getting them to grow their business and highlight their talents. 


A key thing for me was realising where I could make the biggest impact. 

I figured out how to help clients believe in themselves and play to their strengths and this is what I love to do”


Today, Osmaan’s business has launched into a whole new level of success, while he plays to his strengths and does what he loves.


“Now I do 121 coaching & group coaching with clients and as a Trader, I really enjoy working with clients long term - building relationships and consistency”.

Working with Other Profiles


Since niche-ing his coaching, Osmaan has noticed trends show up in what other Talent Dynamics Profiles he works with. 


“Funnily enough, I work with a lot of Creators, Stars and Supporters to ground them.


I also have my own online group coaching mastermind which allows me to incorporate my own experience into what I teach. I have all of my clients take the Wealth Dynamics profile test because it’s such a big part of what i lead with. It helps me find out what their entrepreneurial super power is. 


I’ve also done a lot more collaborations and partnerships. I always ask potential partners to take the Wealth Dynamics test first, to see the best way we can work together in flow. 


Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics profiling have become such a way of how I work now, they’re entirely ingrained in my coaching.”


Have you figured out your Entrepreneurial Superpower?

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