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How can you mindfully invest your time now, so that you have more freedom later?

November 28,2017

How can you mindfully invest your time now, so that you have more freedom later?

4 years ago, Billy Turriff had a property portfolio of 10 houses that were costing him money, his health and his happiness. Today, Billy is a full-time property investor and coach, with over 35 properties and worth over 4 million pounds.

How can you mindfully invest your time now, so that you have more freedom later?

Billy Turriff has been investing in property since 2001. He grew his property portfolio over the year to 10 houses, including houses in Bulgaria, the UK and Ireland. However, he soon found that by the time the bills and voids came in,, he wasn’t making enough money from his investments and the houses had become liabilities, rather than assets.

“I wasn’t in a happy place. I was really frustrated with my job - I didn’t see the value we were adding to clients and I hated it. I was stressed out, I had put on weight, and I just wasn’t doing well at all”.

“2014 had been a difficult year, I had gone through a divorce and my properties weren’t making money. On January the 1st, I dropped my son off at his mums house and I didn’t know when I would see him again. I was flying back to Dubai to work at a job I had fallen out of love with and I had fallen into the trap of trading my time for money”.

Sitting in Manchester airport waiting for his flight, Billy remembers reading the Young Professionals Network journal, “It had case studies in it, of property investors - and I didn’t understand how they’d built portfolios quicker than I did, with less income than me and with worse jobs. I thought I was well educated and connected to the right people. I noticed a trend, where these people had done training first and invested in themselves, so I did some research.”

One of the programs Billy found was the Mastermind course run by Simon Zutshi, founder of the Property Investors Network and co-creator of Wealth Dynamics for Real Estate Investors. After doing some more research and speaking with Simon, Billy attended the 3 day Mastermind Accelerator program and committed to doing the year long Mastermind programme in March 2015.

“I had to work incredibly hard - I was still a dad, and I was working in Dubai. I would take overnight flights from Dubai to the UK, spending 20 nights sleeping on planes for 12 months. It definitely wasn’t a get rich quick scheme but I worked hard for a year, followed Simon’s teachings and it’s given me options for future years now”.

Billy completed 44 lucrative deals, in the year he was a part of the Mastermind programme.

"The 12 month program led to me being able to exit the corporate world. I got asked to go on stage as one of Simon’s top 5 clients, and within 12 months of mastermind, I had more than doubled my portfolio, ending up with £4million of assets and £265k profit over the year.

Now I’m a full time property investor and developer, as well as doing consulting/coaching for Simon. My portfolio is all outsourced but the development side still requires me to be a bit more active.”

Billy believes the value of the Mastermind course was the community network, and the basis of technical knowledge.

“What I didn’t know, was the top 10% of stuff that really makes a difference. Part of that 10%, was Roger Hamilton’s Wealth Dynamics Profile and Wealth Spectrum system.”

“I got so much technical knowledge from Mastermind. Coming from the corporate world, Mastermind taught me about collaboration. I thought to be successful you had to have certain traits to be a leader, but Wealth Dynamics taught me that you could have different flows, different skills that make you a good leader.

I’m a lord but quite rounded overall - and that surprised a lot of people, as I seemed outgoing during the Mastermind course. What Wealth Dynamics taught me is that the reason I was quite social at Mastermind is because it was filled with conversations I enjoyed - because I was in the right environment for me, being more extroverted worked. It clicked that I had to understand different people’s profiles that I connected with too, and that I could outsource tasks that other people could do better, or that I didn’t enjoy.”

Billy focuses on property deals now, outsourcing everything else, and sees himself moving up the Wealth Spectrum Lighthouse.

"I’m learning how to systematize and grow, with the Wealth Lighthouse. As a landlord, investor, entrepreneur, I outsource everything. For me it’s about the deals, but I haven’t created a business as such, no offices or staff. Through spending more time on high value stuff and processes, I now hire specialists to do the work that I was trying to do before.

I see myself firmly at yellow level now. To get to green level and have a team, I know I would need to give up my independence - but I also know if I get the right people I will have more time, so now I’m working through whether to do that or not.”

Today, Billy is still doing property development and he continues to grow from the year of learning, using all of the tools that he has absorbed.

“I’m really happy now. I’m doing 10-15 individual deals a year, rather than the 44 we did in the year in mastermind and growth is still good.”

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