Fast Forward Entrepreneurs featuring Kyron Gosse

June 09,2017

Fast Forward Entrepreneurs featuring Kyron Gosse

Here's Some Awesome Entrepreneur Inspiration!

A brilliant story by Darius Lukas on Kyron Gosse and how he has gone from working as a chef on an oil rig to a global property entrepreneur:

What weakness do you have today, that could turn into your greatest strength? Kyron Gosse, who, at 25, decided to quit his well paying job as a chef on an oil rig to become a property investor, believed his weaknesses were his age and lack of expertise. How then did Kyron manage to become New Zealand’s leading young property investor just two years later? Here are three key steps Kyron followed:


In 2012, Kyron was living in Australia, making $150,000 per year and working as a chef on oil rigs, but he didn’t feel passionate about his job. Like most aspiring entrepreneurs, he was longing for the freedom to travel and live life on his own terms. Having decided that property could help him achieve this, he joined property educator, Steve McKnight’s apprenticeship programme started reading books about property and attended Fast Forward Summit - one of the most popular entrepreneur events in the world. Meeting Roger James Hamilton, a social entrepreneur and futurist, helped Kyron figure out where to start.

Roger advised Kyron to position himself as a leading learner in New Zealand’s property market. Claiming to be an expert at the beginning of his career might have proven a little difficult, but presenting himself as someone who simply knew more than the average person and could lead the way in the field, that was easy. So he started his property career with a property blog:

“I called myself and my blog an Ordinary Investor. I wanted to showcase how an ordinary person could move into property and start investing. I had started blogging even before I bought my first property and it immediately secured my position as someone of authority. I was talking about what I thought the market was doing and sharing everything I was learning."

"That gained attention from other bloggers and gave me credibility when I started talking to people and interviewing them. For example, interviewing someone like Steve McKnight gave me more authority.”

Another important shift in Kyron’s thinking came about when he joined Roger’s Crystal Circle, a high-level mentoring group for entrepreneurs:

“Before I met Roger, all I wanted was to get paid to be a tourist backpacker drinking beer in different countries and having fun. Coming to the event and then joining his Crystal Circle mentoring group, I soon grew to a consciousness level where I realised the world works only when you focus on other people and help them. More importantly, I also realised that I could make a difference. What I dreamed of - to make sure that everybody in the world has a roof over their head - could actually happen.”


Having gained a clear sense of purpose and direction, the next step for Kyron was to align his environment and the way he was living day-to-day with his vision:

“Roger asked me why I was living in Australia when I wanted to be involved in the property market in New Zealand. It was obvious, but the obvious lessons are sometimes the hardest to learn. I was working on the oil rig from 7 pm to 7 am, there was three or four hours time difference with New Zealand, and I could probably only send about one email a day. I realised I had to actually be ‘on the ground’.”

Once Kyron relocated to New Zealand, he realised that people were already recognising him from his blog - he had established trust. His blog became even more relevant as he was now posting from New Zealand and sharing his experience ‘on the ground’. However, quitting his job meant that Kyron had become unfinanceable and his chances of getting a mortgage to buy property were slim. He found a solution quickly, making his young age his greatest strength:

“I joined Auckland Property Investors Association and started the Young Kiwis in Property group on Facebook. I wanted to bring together all the young Kiwis who were doing awesome things in property. By the time the group had reached 300 members, I had already met a third of them in person. That gave me enough authority to start finding houses and secure the funding to actually buy them.”

Kyron also sought out ways to team up with others; he joined an investment property agency to help them find properties and spread their name in his network, which in turn gave a boost to his profile and cash flow.


When Kyron was contacted by “New Zealand Property Idol” and asked who he would nominate for the award, he put the question out to his community:

“So the next thing I know is that organisers are calling me because everyone had nominated me! I wasn’t quite sure how would I stand in front of 150 property investors and talk about buying a house. So, I didn’t. I decided not to talk about myself. I talked about the group I had created and how its members were doing - I shared their success. That’s how I won the award.”

With the traction offered by the award, the media began to take note of Kyron. He was asked to speak about property on TV and even featured on the cover of Property Investor magazine.

“I was just in flow and doing what came naturally. I was out there really trying to smash it. And out of that, the right people showed up to help me. It came back to serving other people. I also studied with New Zealand’s Wealth Mentors and started helping them out at events. I wasn’t expecting anything in return, I just liked what they were doing. They eventually got me on stage and asked me to be a mentor. ”

What is the field that you should be positioning yourself in as a leading learner?

Where should you go to find and build your network?

How can you grow your business by focusing on others - your team, partners and clients?

Today, Kyron has grown from those beginnings to running an international property company Freedom Co - a concept of co-living, co-working, and co-ownership for location independent entrepreneurs.

Kyron reached his success by turning his weakness into a strength. You can do it too.

“My attitude is that if you push me towards something that you think is a weakness, then I will turn that perceived weakness into a strength” - Michael Jordan #23

You can visit Kyron's company, FreedomCo Properties here:

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